Tutoring Parent and Student Feedback

"Robert organized a tutoring service for students at various grade levels. The tutoring program has helped my child, especially during COVID. He responds to questions promptly." - Bloomfield Hills Board of Education (Testimonial from a parent)

"You bring hope to our world sharing your gifts with others. So selfless and needed. I admire that you recognize your gifts and that you realize that for many kids, science and math are very difficult and they struggle in those same areas that you are gifted in. Thank you for this service!"  -Judy B.

"You [and Project STEM] are such an asset to the community. Thank you, Robert. -Jane T.  

"They are very good with kids and answering all questions ."  -Pavithra P.

"It was very helpful to refresh my son’s knowledge. My son said he learned new addition and subtraction. They figured out how to help my son quickly. " -Batmunkh B.

"Great job and great initiative."  -Usha B. 

"I admire your noble intentions. So awesome. 👏👏👏-Mehreen B.

"You did an amazing job inspiring her to start re-learning her multiplication tables and today she was the only one in her class to solve a few fraction problems. When the class got stuck the teacher called on her for the answer and she knew it! She is feeling very proud. Thank you for your help and support."  -Jenny D.  

"Not surprised to see IA students doing great things to help others learn. Great job Project STEM!" -Gracie M. 

"My whole family is so grateful for all that you do. This is so helpful! You are awesome and my child loves working with you all. Thanks for everything that you are doing. We couldn't appreciate you more!  - Pamela G.

Courses Parent and Student Feedback

"Robert's STEM web and robotics classes were great. It triggered an interest in programming in my child. I see many leadership qualities in him, and I thank him for making a difference in many children's lives"  -Bloomfield Hills Board of Education (Testimonial from a parent)

"I like how the teachers explained the material. It was so easy to understand!"

"My kid understood the web design class even though it was his first time using a laptop. It was very impressive."

"The teacher made my kid very interested in robotics after the first class. He can't wait to attend his second one."